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of demonstrations since a crowd stormed the u.s. embassy in benghazi, killing a u.s. ambassador from the bay area. danielle lee has been live for us. she joins us from capitol hill with how lawmakers are responding. >> reporter: lawmakers are condemning not only the violence but also this online video that prompted it all. this is all in the hope of calming this outrage before more people get hurt. hundreds of yemeni protesters turned on police after storming the u.s. embassy here. the aggression against america is spreading throughout the middle east, in egypt, libya, iran and iraq. two days ago protesters set fire to the u.s. embassy in benghazi. that attack killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. john mccain says he believes the attacks in benghazi were organized and that ambassador stevens was targeted. >> i think the way this attack was carried out clearly indicate that's the case. >> reporter: the u.s. government is now working with libya to identify the people responsible for that attack. but nbc's michael leiter suggests bringing the perpetrator to justice may not
in benghazi have all been evacuated and moved to the capital city of tripoli. fbi evidence teams are now arriving in benghazi trying to help out this investigation. last night libya announcing four arrests in connection with the u.s. embassy deaths and they say they are still looking for more. secretary of state hillary clinton has now identified the two u.s. security guards who were among those killed. >> they were good and brave men. they were committed to the cause of building a brighter future for the people of libya. >> both of those men, former navy s.e.a.l.s, said to have ties to southern california. president obama vowing to bring those responsible to justice, telling voters on the campaign trail yesterday that, quote, no act of terror will go unpuni unpunished. his opponent, mitt romney, now shifting his focus back to the economy after heavy backlash to his critical comments to the president's handling of the crisis in libya. >>> back here in the bay area, a group is going to begin teaching vallejo residents how to launch a new police oversight group. the national cop watch orga
killed during the protests and attacks in benghazi earlier this week. at 6:45 this morning, we'll take you to uc berkeley, where stevens earned his undergraduate degree and show you how current students there are coming together to remember stevens' life and legacy. for more on stevens, including an interview with his college roommate, visit we'll also continue to provide updates on this developing story throughout this broadcast. >>> now to the latest on a developing story in san jose in the south bay. right now police on the hunt for suspects connected to a fight that ended up with two people being stabbed. investigators on scene say it happened just after 2:15 this morning near the intersection of north 9th street and east julian street. police arrived to find two men, ages 20 and 21, suffering multiple stab wounds. they were both rushed to hospitals, but so far no word or reports on their condition or of any suspects. we will continue, of course, to follow this story and get you the updates as soon as we get them. >>> thousands of people, including the governor, pol
, the unrest continues as the airspace above the city of benghazi is now a no-fly zone for at least 48 hours. authorities only say at this point the airspace has been shut down due to unspecified security fears. libya's prime minister says now four people have been arrested in connection with tuesday's deadly attack on the american embassy. at this point no formal charges have been filed. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed during the attack. >>> this morning we're also learning more about those three other americans killed in the embassy attack. the state department says two former navy s.e.a.l.s, tyrone woods and glen doherty, seen here, tied while providing security at the consulate. both were long-time residents of san diego county. woods was the father of three as well as a registered nurse and paramedic. doherty was also a paramedic and had previously protected americans in iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere. diplomat sean smith was the father of two and also an avid online gamer. in fact the director of one online gaming guild says smith sent him a mess
in the area where is the protests are occurring are being advised to leave the state department in benghazi which has been evacuated. reporting live in washington, danielle lee, nbc bay area news. >> you can continue to follow the story on our web site at and we will have the latest details as the story continues to develop. >>> developing news. two universities in different parts of the country after bomb threats lead to mass evacuation orders. officials at the university of texas in austin issued an alert this morning asking students and staff to clear out immediately. this after a caller claimed to be with al qaeda and said he placed bombs all over campus. so far no bombs have been found. north dakota states and fargo ordered evacuations there. >>> back in the bay area, antioch fire investigators are searching through five fires. the first call came in at 9:30 on sycamore drive. one fire damaged the 99 cent store. the latest happened at 8:00 this morning on william reed drive. >>> new details this morning about the fire at the menlo park school. that school was not equippe
, chris led our diplomatic post in benghazi with skill, courage and resolve. he built partnerships. >> i risked his life to stop a tyrant and gave his life trying to help build a better libya. the world needs more chris stevens'. >> libya's interim government has condemned the attack. >> marla, as we mentioned, the death of stevens has hit close to home in the bay area. >> he was a graduate of piedmont high school and u.c. berkeley. we have christie smith live from cal with more on his life and service. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. shock and outrage. that is what i heard from one professor here. she had been communicating with chris stevens. he graduated from piedmont high school and graduated from u.c. berkeley in 1982. the spokesperson said they will release a statement about this very soon because u.c. berkeley has been fielding calls over the ambassador who was killed when he and others went to the embassy to evacuate staff as they came under attack. in the video introducing stevens, he mentioned growing up in california saying i did not know much about the
.s. consulate in benghazi that killed bay area native ambassador christopher stevens and three other people. brian mooar is live on capitol hill with more on the investigation an those growing protests. good morning, brian. >> reporter: laura, this is a story playing out on two distinct fronts. here on the home front secretary of state clinton has announced as is required by law, a panel that will be investigating what happened and why it was allowed to happen. lots of questions about the security breach at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, and how bay area native ambassador christopher stevens and three others were killed. was it an inside job? did the terrorists have help? those are among the questions. it will not just be the panel but also the fbi conducting its own independent investigation. >>> now to the arab world front. protests continuing today after friday prayers. at least one person reported dead in pakistan. it should be reported that the united states has spent $70,000 in ads with president obama and secretary of state clinton announcing that they were not behind this an
in benghazi have all been evacuated and moved to tripoli. last night libyan officials announced four arrests in connection with the u.s. embassy deaths and says they are tracking more suspects. the family of ambassador stevens is gathering in washington, d.c., as they wait for his body to return to u.s. soil. last night stevens' younger sister spoke exclusively on "rock center with brian williams." >> he spoke a little bit about the security but he really didn't make a big deal of it. he more spoke of how much he enjoyed the work that he was doing and diplomatic mission that he was on. >> 52-year-old chris stevens was a bay area native. he went to piedmont high and then went on to uc berkeley and graduated from the hastings law school in san francisco. >>> closer to home, a fallen chp officer has now been laid to rest following an emotional final tribute that drew thousands to a vacaville church. >> ken, i know you can hear me. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again, brother. >> powerful and heart-wrenching. offic
for essential personnel. and the fbi not yet able to get into benghazi where the u.s. wants to know exactly what happened, who was behind the deaths of our ambassador and three other u.s. state department employees there. susan rice, the u.n. ambassador, said they had no warning of an imminent attack but extremists with weapons readily available in libya just showed up at these demonstrations. that's not what we're hearing from the libyan national congress. the head of that says this is a well-planned attack. foreigners who came into libya for months had planned this attack. meantime in afghanistan, as you mentioned, we've had two attacks with six u.s. soldiers killed. those so-called insider attacks, because they're believed to have been perpetrated by the very afghan forces we're supposed to be training. laura. >> very interesting. thank you. >>> new this morning, time to talk a little baseball. the a's have 16 games left in the regular season. they currently sit atop the american league wild card race, but that's good news, hardly a guarantee for a playoff spot but it's not stopping the team
clinton said there was no actionable intelligence that an attack on benghazi was actually planned. >>> meanwhile, one of the women in the controversial film that is believed to have triggered the attack on the u.s. consulate is suing. cindy lee garcia says she's received death threats since "innocence of muslim" went viral. she has sued the movie's producer for fraud, slander and emotional distress. garcia has also sued youtube to remove the video. she says the filmmaker lied to her about the movie, saying it was a historical arabian desert adventure film. >>> capitol hill lawmakers expected to grill the inspector general this morning. they're very upset about an operation called fast and furious. this one ended up as a botched sting from arizona to mexico, resulting in hundreds of weapons turning up at crime scenes. brian mooar is live on capitol hill with all the information about what we should be hearing today. brian, good morning. >> reporter: hi, jon. well, the inspector general, his name is michael horowitz, released a scathing report calling fast and furious that ill-fated
with the deaths in benghazi, by the way. same issue, different group of protesters. but the question is did mitt romney jump into this too soon. as you alluded to, some republicans here on capitol hill now say yes. it's still a developing situation. we've seen that with more protests today. they think he really should have stayed out of it as the situation was unfolding. the president, president obama, asked about that, asked about whether it was irresponsible for romney to jump in and criticize them in the midst of this crisis said that's up to the american people to decide. marla. >> okay, thank you. >>> new this morning, police in san jose right now investigating what they believe was a fight which ended with two people being stabbed. investigators say this all happened just after 2:50 this morning near tintersection of north ninth street and east julian street. police found two men both suffering from multiple stab wounds. they were both rushed to the hospital but so far no word on their condition or any suspects. we will follow this story and bring you updates as we get them into the newsro
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11